125A 200A Chademo Plug Fast EV Charger Plugs DC Charging Connector

Short Description:

Rated current: 80A ,125A, 150A ,200A
Operating voltage: 500V DC
Insulation resisitance:>1000MΩ
Therminal temperature rise:<50K
Withstand voltage:2000V
Max Charging Power: 62.5KW

Product Detail


Product Tags

Electrical Performance
  • Reliable DC quick charging from a DC power source
  • ROHS certified
  • JEVSG 105 comliant
  • CE mark and (European version)
  • Built in safety actuatorprevent spowered disengageent
  • Weather proofing to IP54
  • Charging indicator LED
  • Leverassisted insertion
  • Mates with available DC charge coupler inlet
  • Rated Mating Cycles: 10000
  • Maximum Rated Voltage: 1000VDC
Pin# Function
1 Reference GND for insulation monitor
2 Control EV replay (1 of 2)
3 (not assigned)
4 Ready to charger control
5 Power(supply)line – negative
6 Power(supply)line – positive
7 Proximity detectiveon
8 Communication +
9 Communication -
10 Control EV replay(2 of 2)
DC charger Coupler Connector Parameter
North America 

Assembly PartNumber Wire Details Cable Diameter Rated Current Cable
E55037-16-5R AWG2*2+AWG18*9 1.31 in 80A 15ft.
E55037-35-5R AWG2*2+AWG18*9 1.31 in 125A 15ft.
E55037-70-5R AWG2*2+AWG18*9 1.31 in 200A 15ft.


Assembly PartNumber Wire Details Cable Diameter Rated Current Cable
E55037-6-5R 35mm2*2+0.5mm2*9 30.0mm 30A 5mtr
E55037-16-5R 35mm2*2+0.5mm2*9 30.0mm 80A 5mtr
E55037-35-5R 35mm2*2+0.5mm2*9 30.0mm 125A 5mtr
E55037-70-5R 35mm2*2+0.5mm2*9 30.0mm 200A 5mtr

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