30kW@1000V CE Certified High Efficiency DC Fast Charging EV Charger Power Module

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30kw/1000v Model: TH30F10025C7
Input voltage range:3L+PE, 285~475V AC
Output voltage range:150~1000V DC

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30kw/1000v power module  TH30F10025C7are specially designed for EV DC chargers. It has high efficiency,  low fan noise,

high power density and high reliability advantage. 3 phase 4 wire AC input,  EMC/EMI with class B level.

30kw/1000v Model TH30F10025C7
Input feature Input voltage range: 3L+PE, 285~475V AC
Input frequency: 45HZ~55HZ
Power factor: 20.99
THD: 5%
Standby power consumption: < 12W
Output voltage range: 150~1000V DC
Output feature Max output current: 120A
Constant function: 250~1000V DC
Current range: 2~120A
Current sharing imbalance ≤+5% ( parallel average current should be more than
for modules in parallel: 5A)
Voltage stabilization accuracy: ≤+0.5%
Current stabilization accuracy: ≤+1%(load current is in the range of 20%~100%)
Efficiency: 295.5%
Soft start time: 3~8
Communication Protocol: CAN
Environmental Workingtemperature(50C output derating: -30~+75°C
Storage temperature: -40~75 C
Humidity: %5RH~95%RH no condensation
Cooling: Fan cooling
Altitude: 2000m
Others Dimension (L*H*W): 435mm* 84mm* 300mm
Weight: ≤20kg
MTBF: 500, 000 h
IP level: IP20

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